Lawza- Leviticus


Lawza – Leviticus Construct emerges as a 21st century brand strategically positioned with innovative service advantages to fast track core and sub - building processes by utilising practical know-how and cutting edge technological resources to achieve outstanding construction jobs.
Versed in conventional construction methodologies, we are set to furnish our esteemed clientele with the most reliable solutions to their most complex construction challenges. Our  youthful creative zest  serves the industry with fresh ideas and approaches for the delivery of first class building service offerings.
We have been structured with a futuristic view as we build a reputation for the innovative use of technologies and the development of new solutions to old problems via the use of information technologies, factory construction techniques, new energy technologies and new structural designs.
Our distinctive ability to implement innovative project management techniques and to serve as a reliable provider of knowledge-driven solutions to satisfy our clients’ individual needs and tastes, endows us with the privilege to explore new territories while continuously gaining the advantage over existing companies.
We are a single source solution, for all construction needs from site preparations, restoration of run down facilities to the setting up of new ones, bagging years of experience and owning personnel who are poised to provide the most standardized construction outlays, on-time and within every client’s budget.
Our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, as we specialise in small renovations to supersized projects in housing and apartment buildings, hotels, healthcare and industrial facilities, commercial, institutional and educational buildings  as well as varying other infrastructural projects.
As a company set to realise many dreams of the future for those it richly serves and looks forward to serving, we have also taken cognisance of the need to research, pursue and proffer sustainable development solutions in construction as the increase in public awareness soars for the need of environmentally-friendly building approaches, in order to support the earth’s preservation.


To set the pace in service delivery with innovative, cutting-edge and futuristic building designs and construction approaches in Africa.



To utilise the most modern and updated technologies and experienced-laden professionals in the building marketplace to bring the best services to each of our clients’ at all times.

our objectives

  • To become a trusted construction company to our esteemed clients and in the African business terrain.

  • To proffer 21st century solutions that meets the multifarious needs of our clients.

  • To utilize first class technologies in the design and execution of building projects.

  • To deliver state – of– the – art designs and modifications to clients’ on-demand.

  • To work with clients from the on-set of their individual projects down to the last detail, delivering each job on-time and on-budget.